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2010 Norooz: Nowruz Events and News Worldwide

2009 Norooz: Nowruz Events and News Worldwide

Tehran - Sa'ad Abad Cultural Complex concluded 5 day Nowruz celeberation

Saad-Abad-Cultural-Complex-iFeb 28 -March 4 2010
Cultural Historical Museum Palace Hall
Closing ceremony in Ivan Hall

Day one of the festival was dedicated to “Nowruz and cultural heritage”, the second day to “Nowruz and Tourism”,  third day to “Nowruz and Handicrafts”, and fourth day to “Nowruz and the environment”.

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Iran's Kish Island - ARIAN BAND Nowrooz week

ARIAN-BAND-iSunday March 21-28, 2010

The ARIAN BAND will perform live concerts during the first week of Nowrooz holidays (March 2010) in Kish Island.

Saturday March 20, 2010
KLCC Hall, Kuala Lumpur

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United Nations General Assembly Recognizes 21 March as International Day of Nowruz

united-nowruz-payvandFeb. 23rd 2010
UN Sixty-fourth General Assembly

The General Assembly this afternoon recognized the International Day of Nowruz, a spring festival of Persian origin, and moved back the dates of the next high-level dialogue on Financing for Development, as it continued its sixty-fourth session.

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Norouz Rituals Slideshows

Haji Firouz; The traditional herald of the Nowruz season is a man called Haji Firouz.
Haft-sin; Table with the seven ‘S’s items symbolizing rebirth, love, medicine, beauty, sunrise,…
Chaharshanbe Suri; Wednesday of fire
Sizdah Bedar; The thirteenth day of the new year, a day of festivity in the open.

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Nowrouz 2010: Public holidays worldwide

Norooz-flagsToday, ten countries celebrate Persian New Year nationally.

Nowrouz with different spelling shows up in official calendars of Iran, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Autonomous Region of Kurdistan (part of Iraq).

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