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2011 Norooz: Nowruz Events and News Worldwide

2010 Norooz: Nowruz Events and News Worldwide

2009 Norooz: Nowruz Events and News Worldwide

Nowrouz 2011: Eleven countries celebrate Persian New Year nationally

Norooz-flagsNowruz with different spelling shows up in official calendars of Iran, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Autonomous Region of Kurdistan (part of Iraq) and Georgia.


There are more than 187 million people celeberating Nowruz nationally (total population of the eleven countries ). Today, more people celeberate outside than inside Iran (75 Million).


2011 Nowruz public holidays worldwide
Iran Nowrooz March 21-24
Tajikistan Navruz March 20-22
Azerbaijan Novruz Bairam March 20-24
Afghanistan Now Rooz March 21
Kazakhstan Nauryz Meyramy March 21-23
Kyrgyzstan Nooruz March 21
Albania Nevruz (Dita e Nevruzit) March 22
Turkmenistan Nowruz Bayram March 20-21
Uzbekistan Navro’z Bayrami March 21
Autonomous Region of Kurdistan (Iraq) Nowruz March 21
Georgia Nowruz March 21

While not a national holiday, there are many more countries or regions that celebrate Persian New Year, such as Crimea, India, France, Republic of Tatarstan (part of Russian federation), United States,  United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Israel, Germany,  Lebanon, China, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Pakistan, Sweden,…


Azerbaijani youth celebrating Novruz

Azerbaijani youth celebrating Novruz

YouTube Preview Image
Tajikistan - Jonibek Madina Zikrallah Setora Dilbar