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Arman Emami's USB Clip wins red dot product design 2010

usb-clipWinner of design concept competition in 2009 achieves great success in the red dot product design 2010.

Mixing the digital domain with the traditional paper one, the USB Clip is a paper clip with a built-in mini USB data storage function.

Technical advances have led to a gradual reduction of the size of electronic storage media and an increase in the cost-effectiveness of their production. As a result, USB sticks in particular are increasingly being used as alternatives to CDs or DVD-ROMs for storage and third party data transmission purposes.


However, due to the small size of these modern data carriers, they are often difficult to find en route to a designated party, and after the archiving process they can easily go noticed, or even become lost.

The USB Clip is a data carrier that is easy to attach to documents, such as letters, business cards, or brochures, without requiring an additional construct that would increase both the size of the data carrier and its production cost. Due to its stamped form and the inherent elasticity of the material, the USB Clip can be expanded, much like a paper clip, and attached to various types of documents without adding much thickness – ideal for retaining a flat package when shipping documents.

usb-clip-00With the USB Clip, it will be much easier to relate documents to electronic data, as the digital media is literally attached to them. Also, the USB-Clip makes it hard to miss the storage media in the envelope. The design intentionally refrains from any complicated attachment mechanisms and additional components, so that the clip can be produced in an economical and, at the same time, environmentally friendly fashion.

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