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2010 Arab Public Opinion Poll, Views on United States, Israel and Iran

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran-iSurvey conducted June 29 -July 20, 2010 in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and UAE by the University of Maryland in conjunction with Zogby International.

Among the key poll findings are:

- A substantial change in the assessment of President Obama, both as President of the United States and of Obama personally.

- Remarkably stable views on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the prospects of its resolution.

- A majority of the Arab public now see a nuclear-armed Iran as being better for the Middle East

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran

Sample size: 3,976
Margin of error: +/-1.6%

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran_1

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran_2

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran_3

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran_4

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran_5

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran_6

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran_7

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran_8

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran_9

2010 Arab-Public-Opinion-Poll-views-Iran_10

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