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Video: Interview with Faezeh Rafsanjani

Faezeh-Hashemi-RafsanjaniAlAan TV Exclusive

AlAan TV exclusively interviewed Faezeh Hashemi who said that the Iranian authorities fabricated lies against her brother Mehdi and pressured prisoners to confess against him.

AlAan TV: You and your family have been under huge pressures, tell us what happened to your son Hassan and your brother Mahdi?


YouTube Preview Image


Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani: Of course what happened to us is nothing compared to what other people experienced and I feel embarrassed if I want to explain what our family has been through.

My son came to Iran at the beginning of the Persian year and he was arrested at airport. They kept his passport for 7 months, they gave him his passport after his school already started and his visa was expired.

For my brother Mahdi, they created special false atmosphere in Iran. They made up problems and fabricated cases against him. They even got confessions against him from some other prisoners which is against the law.

I don’t want to go deeply into details because it is not about us or Mahdi, it is all about people going to prisons because they are getting fabricated cases and false confessions.

All the trials and sentences issued recently are not in the legal framework, Mahdi is busy with his study and business but there are obstacles against in his return to Iran.