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iPersian: An iPhone and iPad Persian language application for children

iPersian-iStart your child’s journey to learn Persian in an interactive way. A simple touch or a drag & drop interface is a very useful way to teach the youngest children.

This app includes:

The Persian alphabets and numbers with sounds
32 Words with sounds
Interaction scenes to increase word and alphabet recognition

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Freedom House: A Review of Censorship Circumvention Tools in Iran

Censorship-Circumvention-Tools-in-Iran-filter-software-iThis report is intended for internet users from Iran. In Iran, access to websites and services may be blocked and monitored by the Iranian government. This report summarizes the characteristics of a number of tools you can easily use to circumvent the blocking and monitoring system in Iran, and will help you to choose the right tool for your situation.

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Iran and Global scientific collaboration in the 21st century

Knowledge-networks-nations-iThe number of publications from Iran has grown from just 736 in 1996 to 13,238 in 2008 — making it the fastest growing country in terms of numbers of scientific publications in the world. In August 2009, Iran announced a ‘comprehensive plan for science’ focused on higher education and stronger links between industry and academia.

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Salar Kamangar, Iranian-American leading YouTube

salar-kamangar-iSalar Kamangar, vice president of product panagement for web applications at Google, will be in charge of the day-to-day running of YouTube.

Kamangar, employee # 13 at Google, has reportedly been working hard on the YouTube profit picture for a year now.

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Iran ranks 69th out of 139 in global competitiveness - World Economic Forum

The global-competetiveness-report-2010-iThis year’s Global Competitiveness Report is being published amid uncertainty in the global economy and a continuing shift in the balance of economic activity away from advanced economies and toward developing ones.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts growth of 6.25 percent for emerging markets, compared with 2.25 percent for advanced economies in 2010.

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Internet speed test ranks Islamic Republic of Iran 168 out of 181 countries is a broadband speed analysis tool that allows anyone to test their Internet connection. Ookla provides this service for free to anyone curious about the performance of their connection to and from hundreds of locations around the world.

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Iran ranks 69 out of 70 in digital economy 2010 report

digital-economy-rankings-2010-iSince 2000, the Economist Intelligence Unit has assessed the world’s largest economies on their ability to absorb information and communications technology (ICT) and use it for economic and social benefit.

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Southern California: Anousheh Ansari Book Signing

Anousheh-Ansari-my-dream-of-starsSaturday May 01, 2010 7:00 PM
Costa Mesa Barnes & Noble

“First Female Private Space Explorer & First Space Ambassador”

In her heartwarming and empowering memoir, Anousheh tells the story of her childhood in Iran and her family’s exodus to America after the Islamic Revolution.  After settling down in Texas, Anousheh built a computer technology firm from the ground up, which eventually realized a net worth of $750 million and ultimately allowed her to achieve her childhood dream of spaceflight.

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Arman Emami's USB Clip wins red dot product design 2010

usb-clipWinner of design concept competition in 2009 achieves great success in the red dot product design 2010.

Mixing the digital domain with the traditional paper one, the USB Clip is a paper clip with a built-in mini USB data storage function.

Technical advances have led to a gradual reduction of the size of electronic storage media and an increase in the cost-effectiveness of their production. As a result, USB sticks in particular are increasingly being used as alternatives to CDs or DVD-ROMs for storage and third party data transmission purposes.

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Persian iPhone applications


Persian language is now supported on the latest iPhone Operating System hence there are a growing number of Persian applications on iTune store (about 70 apps so far). Here is a quick look at three applications targeting Iranian communities.

Persian Poem from Super Monko Studio: This a perfect application for all Persian-speaking literature lovers. Taghvim Pro from Mehdi Abedanzadeh Esfahani: All in one Iranian calendar with Persian holidays. Hokm from Hokm Technology: A challinging card game that requires skill and strategy.

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