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Art Gallery: Cocoon, Abstract Human Body by Laleh Ardestani

Henna-Art-Gallery-Cocoon-Laleh-Ardestani-2-iTehran – Henna Art Gallery
Jan. 21  – Feb. 4 2011

Laleh Ardestani, following a period of expressive show casing of humanly bodies full of emotion, has now taken up a more abstract view.

Although one can still see faded shadows of human body mixed in an entangled mass of centric compositions, but in the implementations of her ideal private spaces, this time she chooses a more vague language.

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Mir Hossein Mousavi's abstract paintings

Hossein-Mousavi-abstract-paintings-01-iMir-Hossein Mousavi Khameneh (born March 1942), was the last Prime Minister of Iran from 1981 to 1989, and later he developed his passion for painting and writing poetry.

Mousavi served as the president of the Iranian Academy of Arts until 2009 when conservative authorities removed him due to his 2009 election candidacy and protest.

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Art Gallery: Beautiful Works of Maryam Javanbakht at Agora Gallery New York

Javanbakht-calligraphy-1-iJan. 11 – Feb 1 2011

Maryam Javanbakht works in the millennia-old style of traditional black and white Iranian calligraphy. Her hybrid practice involving watercolor, gauche, chalk and ink on paper, known as “Naghashi Khat” (painting-calligraphy) imbues classic Iranian poems like those of Molavi, Hafez, Khayyam and Baba Taher with a transatlantic contemporary flair.

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Art Gallery: Solo painting exhibition by Ali Chitsaz, its ok to laugh

Ali-Chitsaz-aaran-gallery-5-iAAran Art Gallery – Tehran
November 5-18, 2010

Ali Chitsaz is a funny man. Our first reaction to his work is to laugh, which is all right. Sometimes he is satisfied with a cheap smile but often manages to escape from falling into the realm of caricature.

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Art Gallery - Archaic Techniques of Lovemaking by Shahriar Ahmadi

Archaic-Techniques-of-Lovemaking-by-Shahriar-Ahmadi-3-iAB Gallery Luzern – Switzerland
October 17 – November 13  2010

Joy of Life as a Counter Vision

The latest works by the Iranian artist Shahriar Ahmadi translate their current theme into his customary powerful images and, in doing so, display a growing tendency towards the figurative.

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Echos in Blue – An exhibition of contemporary Iranian art from Tehran in Los Angeles

HosseinKhosrowjerdi1-iOpens October 16 through November 14, 2010

Echoes in Blue, an exhibition of contemporary Iranian paintings, provides a vibrant and thought-provoking view of life within the boundaries of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Curated by Iranian-born Homa Taraji, in association with Dr. Alireza Sami Azar, former director of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and a consultant to Christie’s, this show features 10 artists living and working in Iran today and is intended to introduce their work to Americans.

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Fataneh Dadkhah's photographs at Candlestar

Fataneh-DadkhahFataneh Dadkhah is a pioneer of stage photography as an artistic discipline in Iran.

Dadkhah’s beautiful Balouchi Bride series can be commissioned exclusively from Candlestar as limited edition prints.

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Exhibition: Falnama - The Book of Omens


Smithsonian Institution – Thru Jan. 24, 2010
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

Whether by consulting the position of the planets, casting horoscopes, or interpreting dreams, the art of divination was widely practiced throughout the Islamic world. The most splendid tools ever devised to foretell the future were illustrated texts known as the Falnama (Book of omens). Notable for their monumental size, brilliantly painted compositions, and unusual subject matter, the manuscripts, created in Safavid Iran and Ottoman Turkey in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, are the center piece of Falnama: The Book of Omens.

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Artists for Iran, a Celebration of the Arts and Human Rights

"I'm Still Waiting"  Sophia Gasparian

"I'm Still Waiting" by Sophia Gasparian

Los Angeles, December 12 7:30pm
Exhibition open till Dec. 31

Levantine Cultural Center presents an extensive roster of artists and performers in “Artists for Iran,” a celebration of the arts and human rights in conjunction with, which is coordinating related programs in 27 cities worldwide. Combining cultural diplomacy and human rights, “Artists for Iran” comes on the heels of International Human Rights Day. Artists from Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East along with Americans of diverse backgrounds will merge in a space devoted to art, photography, poetry, live performance, comedy and more.

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1001 colors: Contemporary art from Iran

Leila-Zafar-ladan-iNovember 2 – 22, 2009 Canvas New York Art

New York is set to hold an exhibition of paintings by 23 internationally-renowned and emerging contemporary artists from Iran. 1001 Colors, Contemporary Art from Iran will present 50 artworks created in various styles including expressionism and abstract, addressing the interplay between the traditional and modern Iranian culture.