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Iranian participants in 1st International Exhibition - poster for a Healthier World.

poster-Healthier-World-ali_shoghi_benam-iInstitute of Advanced Studies in Architecture and Design, Mexico
The exhibition opened on January 25 2010

At this time, Institute’s mission as journalists is to educate parents and those interested in the welfare of children and people in general about health and prevent developmental problems caused by exposure to toxic substances, but also educate the media, policy makers and general public on the fact that environmental health is a key determinant of public health.

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Posters: Students' Day Nov. 4th 2009

lissnup-4044164205-You-are-the-media-iconAn exhibition of 13 selected posters made by supporters of Green movement in Iran to encourage people to protest on Students’ day.

According to an unofficial Iranian state media, Fars, last year thousands of people gathered around the old US embassy walls that students scaled on November 4, 1979, chanting different slogans, including “Death to America”.

This year, the Green movement supporters also would like to participate (since there is no need to get permission to protest and be denied). Unlike last year Green posters says “Death to No One”, and have more messages of peace.

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