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Southern California: Caltech Nowruz Celeberation 2012

Caltech-Nowruz-2012-iSaturday March 24, 2012
Ramo Auditorium, Caltech 5:30PM

Join FICCIT again this year  to celebrate Nowruz (Iranian New Year) in an evening of fun and culture. We have organized a very special program for you this year!

Ramo Auditorium
1200, E. California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125
Building #77, Caltech Campus

Authentic Persian Cuisine @ 8PM

  1. Traditional Tea station and Pastries

  2. Appetizer: kashk-badenjan, kookoo sabzi, bread, cheese and veggies

  3. Main Course: green salad, shirazi salad, fesenjan, veggie stew, kabob, shirin-polo, sabzi-polo & fish (salmon), regular rice.

Traditional Music and Dance Performance

Najva Ensemble was founded by Sina Bayat in Jan., 2006. The thought of forming Najva was a spark released from rich Iranian poetry, literacy, and culture. Najva’s music includes both the songs and lyrics mainly composed by Sina, as well as a collection of folkloric songs from different provinces of Iran. Najva has been formed by a group of distinguished and renowned musicians to better fulfill its goal of binding with listener’s mind and heart, influencing love, peace, and exhilaration while introducing and promoting Iranian classical and folkloric music.

Najva has been honored by having performed for many non-profit organizations helping them to raise fund for their humanitarian causes as well as numerous other concerts. Najva has been one of the biggest highlights of the Mehrgan Festivals in 2007, 2008 and 2010.

Non-students:                                                $40*
Non-Caltech students:                                   $25*
Caltech students & Caltech postdoc             $10*
* 5$ extra fee for admission at the door. However, please note that based on our experience with our previous Nowruz events, we expect to sell out all the tickets before the event and accept no new attendees in the event day. On-line Tickets


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