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London – Iran Heritage Foundation’s Norouz Gala 2013

iran_heritage_logo11Saturday 9th March 2013 7PM
Phillips Auction House

Saturday March 16, 2013
The Dorchester, London

Every year, the Foundation marks the start of the Persian New Year with its Gala, held in this year at The Ballroom of The Dorchester on Park Lane and Phillips Auction House.

This ancient festival celebrating the arrival of spring remains deeply entwined with the social and cultural fabric of Iran and much of the rest of the Persianate world. Recognizing this, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution in 2010 to mark 21st March of each year as the ‘International Day of Norouz.’

Ticket & Sponsorship Form (Dorchester event)

Tickets (Phillips Auction House)

About Iran Heritage Foundation
The Iran Heritage Foundation is a non-political UK registered charity with the mission to promote and preserve the history, languages and cultures of Iran and the Persian world. The objectives of the Foundation are pursued by organising, on a worldwide basis, diverse activities of cultural or scholarly merit. IHF programmes include academic research, publishing and fellowships at top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, and Exeter and at museums in the United Kingdom and abroad.


  • Peaceforall1998

    Amazing, I love Iran.

    • Sassan

      I love Iran too. Let’s hope that Iran is soon freed.

  • Sassan

    May Iran soon be liberated so that Iranians can take back their nation from the non-Iranian Mullahs that have destroyed our once great nation. The Mullahs have even voiced their disdain for Nowruz (Persian New Years) and have wanted to ban it. It is a disgrace as to what has turned into our once great nation.

  • Sassan

    Thank you Britain and Iran Heritage Foundation for this project! It is very much appreciated that you help preserve Iranian culture while Iranians are occupied with a horrible non-Iranian regime. Very much appreciated. Thank you.