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Yazd Solar Energy Power Plant 1st in its kind in world - Official


Yazd, April 13, IRNA - Head of 267 MW Yazd Solar Energy Power Plant (YSEPP) said here Friday from viewpoint of combining a solar farm's energy with a conventional cycle, YSEPP is fist of its kind globally.

According to IRNA's dispatched reporter to the power plant, Mohammad-Reza al-Madrasi added at a press conference on the occasion, "At this power plant we have combined two 159 mega watt gas power plants, and 132 steam power plant, and a 17 mega watt solar power plant."

He reiterated, "Implementation of this project places Iran among the few countries in the world that are designing and taking advantage of combined solar power plants in the world."

Al-Madrasi pointed out "Studies on possibility of implementing such a project began ten years ago by Iranian experts and German consultant engineers and the thermo-solar power plants technology is today going through its maturation period, with majority of its technical know-how made indigenous here."

He said, "The contractor of this project is Iran Electricity Development Organization that signed a contract with Iran Power Plant Projects Management Company (MAPNA) in fall of 2006, when the executive phase of the project begun."

Al-Madrasi added, "The duration of this contract, including the year-long guarantees of the units, is 66 months from the date of its being signed, and according to the schedules the first gas unit would be launched 27 months after the beginning of the executive phase." The last solar unit of the power plant, according to Al-Madrasi, would be put to use up to the year 2010.

Head of YSEPP said that the project is 125.7 million euro work, 100.55 million euros of it are provided through finance credit, and the rest through cash investments.

The Iranian rial credit of the project is announced to be 696 billion rials (each US dollar equals almost 9990 rials currently).

Al-Madrasi referred to expansion of clean energy usages, taking optimum advantage of energy sources, and increasing power plants output as the advantages of transferring solar energy technology to the country.

He emphasized, "If the entire potential of Iran's appropriate regions for producing solar energy would be put to use we would be able to generate three times more electricity than country's current electrical power production."

Yazd Thermo-Solar Power Plant is constructed at a 900 hectare land at KM 33 of Yazd-Khazarabad Road and its full capacity would be producing 467 mega watts of electricity.

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