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IAEA inspectors install cameras at Iran's Natanz Nuclear Complex


Tehran, Feb 2, IRNA - An informed source said here Friday that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors have installed cameras aimed at controlling activities at Iran's Natanz Nuclear Complex.

The informed official who talked with IRNA's Political Desk reporter on condition of anonymity, reiterated, "The installment of those cameras has been in accordance with Tehran's commitments towards IAEA regrading the UN nuclear watchdog's inspection and control responsibilities."

Reacting to some Western media reports, he said, "Iran has not imposed any restrictions against IAEA inspectors' activities." He meanwhile reiterated, "Installment of no new centrifuges is planned at Natanz Complex."

Referring to the news dispatched by news agencies from Vienna in which they quote "informed diplomats", he said, "Such news items are merely aimed at disturbing and inflicting distractions in the course of Iran-IAEA cooperation and are basically baseless."

He reiterated, "Unfortunately in recent months we have witnessed the unprofessional conduct of the people that introduce themselves as diplomatic sources and seem to have no other job, save for disturbing the process of Iran-IAEA cooperation."

The informed source told IRNA, "Of course, not only Iran, but also the IAEA officials have objected to that sick process, and reacted to it a number of times," expressing hope that such reactions would put an end to such unprofessional conduct of "certain identified figures."

He also said, "During the course of the past week the IAEA inspectors launched their inspections in accordance with the NPT and the Safeguards thanks to the full cooperation of Iranian officials thoroughly."

Three IAEA inspectors who had arrived in Iran for inspecting Natanz Nuclear Complex completed their inspections on Thursday and left Tehran on Friday morning local time for Vienna.

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