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Omar Khayyam, Robinson, and The WAALM Awards


By: Marjan Abdi, PhD


One of the world’s prime contributors of science and literature was with no doubt Omar Khayyam, the great mathematician, astronomer and poet of 11th century. He is the author of "The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam" and a proto-Renaissance man who placed reason above faith. Recently an independent movie in name of ‘The Keeper, the legend of Omar Khayyam’ was made on this fascinating scholar.


*In this movie, Kamran is a 12-year-old boy, in the present day, who discovers that his ancestor is the 11th-century Mathematician, Astronomer, Poet of Persia: Omar Khayyam. The story has been passed down in his family from one generation to another, and now it is his responsibility to keep the story alive for future generations. The film takes us from the modern day to the epic past where the relationship between Omar Khayyam, Hassan Sabbah (the original creator of the sect of Assassins) and their mutual love for a beautiful woman separate them from their eternal bond of friendship. Filmed almost entirely on location in Samarkand and Bukhara, Uzbekistan.


Jane Robinson


The Keeper, is the winner of two awards for the best director, Kayvan Mashayekh and best costume designer, Jane Robinson at the 2nd Annual WAALM – Persian Golden Lioness Awards® in Budapest in October 2006. 


Jane entered the Fashion Business and designed for leading Fashion Houses in London until 1968. Later she joined Thames TV and earned her first Emmy® Award for “Lady Randolph Churchill” in 1974. 


Among her outstanding jobs as a Costume Designer we can name movies such as: “Spartacus”; “Speechless” – casting: Geena Davis & Michael Keaton; "The Specialist” – casting: Sylvester Stallone & Sharon Stone”; “Anastasia” – casting: Omar Shariff & Amy Irving. And in theatre: “The Seagull” – casting: Vanessa Redgrave & Natasha Richardson; as well as “Veterans Day” – casting: Jack Lemmon & Michael Gambon.


My first meeting with Jane was at the briefing session of the awarding ceremony in Oct 2006, where she kindly thanked the Academy for acknowledging non-Persians’ effort along with the Persians.


With her presence, Jane honoured us and immensely added to the sincerity of the event with her unique warmth and charm. Dr. Dorbayani, founder of WAALM – Persian Golden Lioness Awards describes Jane as “A Lady with Golden Touch”, and indeed she has marveled us all with her costume designs and contribution to “The Keeper”.


Here is Jane’s message to the Academy and her audience after receiving her award:


“I am sincerely honoured to receive this prestigious and beautiful award. Thank you very much, and also, I have been in the few award ceremonies before, but never in such intellectual company. I’m even more honoured by that.


I want to congratulate Dr. Mustafa Dorbayani and Dr. Marjan Dorbayani for their extraordinary efforts in raising the international profile of the Persian Golden Lioness Awards in this way.


We all know that art plays a significant role in the international relationships and we certainly know how important it is to work for better international standing. So, bravo again to the WAALM.


I want to thank Kayvan Mashayekh and Sep Riahi for having good taste to hire me. I want to pay tribute to Michelle Milosh and Giovanni Natalucci and Andrea Borelli for my co-workers on The Keeper. I specially want to thank my children for allowing me to travel so far for over the years.


Thank you very much.”



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