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Remembering Princess Leila Pahlavi




Loyals and Friends of Pahlavi Family gather in Memory of Late Princess 




 ©Photos by Kambiz Atabay



In the garden,

by the roses

is written

'Please Don't pick up the flowers'


the wind, doesn't know how to read

Poem written For Leila by an Iranian Compatriot



June 10th is a sad day for the Pahlavi Royal Family in exile. It is marked by a simple gathering in the Passy Cemetery in Paris ever since the demise of the youngest daughter of Shahbanou Farah, the former Empress of Iran, in 2001.


Leila, the youngest child of 4 children of Shahbanou Farah and the
Shah of Iran



The cause of her death due to depression and a long nurtured grief over the years since the loss of her father, the Last Shah of Iran can certainly explain her insurmountable pain. Rather than explanations, the family, friends and all those who continue to cherish her memory, prefer to honor the beautiful and joyful looking young princess.



She rests in Peace amongst hundreds of flowers deposed by her compatriots.



Princess Leila Pahlavi (March 27th 1970-June 10th 2001)


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