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UNESCO and Heritage Experts to Hold a Meeting on Sivand Dam

3/31/07 By Soudabeh Sadigh

A joint meeting will be held on Sivand Dam with presence of UNESCO representatives, NGOs, and authorities of Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.

Tehran, 29 March 2007 (CHN) -- Recently some groups of people, NGOs, and cultural heritage experts have expressed their opposition to UNESCO about the inundation of Sivand Dam and its negative consequences on Pasargadae World Heritage Site and by sending a letter to UNESCO, they have demanded the Organization to study the case and stop the flooding of the dam if possible.

In order to follow the issue, authorities of UNESCO Office in Tehran have announced that the Organization will hold a joint meeting with attendance of cultural heritage experts, NGOs and authorities of Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization to discuss the case in detail.

Announcing this news, Ali Reza Afshari, an independent cultural heritage activist told CHN that the meeting will most probably hold in May 2007.

Following the announcement of Iran's Ministry of Energy indicating that the time has come to inundate Sivand Dam in Bolaghi Gorge, a wave of terror spread through the cultural heritage enthusiasts who are worry about the fate of Pasargadae World Heritage site which is located 4 kilometer distance of the dam.

NGOs have already announced that they would do everything in an attempt to save Pasargadae World Heritage site against possible damages caused by inundation of Sivand Dam including following the case through international organizations if necessary.

During the past recent months, the protestors to inundation of Sivand Dam have voiced their concern with gathering in front of Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, Iran's Ministry of Energy, and Iran's Parliament.

Construction of Sivand Dam in Bolaghi Gorge historic site have become one of the most sensational cases among cultural heritage enthusiasts who believe that inundation of the dam and its humidity would pose a real threat to Pasargadae world heritage site and its nearby historical sites.

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