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Support the Omid-e-Mehr Foundation by purchasing exceptional works of art donated by prominent Iranian artists


HOPE: An exhibition for the benefit of the Omid-e-Mehr Foundation
June 21-29 2008 - Focus Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Please join Maneli Keykavoussi and Isabelle van den Eynde on Saturday 21 June 2008 at 7pm at a reception and private view of HOPE, an exhibition of contemporary Iranian art for the benefit of the Omid-e-Mehr Foundation.

The Artists

Shahriar Ahmadi, Samira Alikhanzadeh, Masoud Ansari, Pooya Aryanpour, Fereydoun Ave, Shahpari Behzadi, Morteza Darehbaghi, Mostafa Dashti, Reza Derakhshani, Hossein Edalat Khah, Mohammad Ehsai, Golnaz Fathi, Bita Fayyazi, Shadi Ghadirian, Kaveh Golestan, Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, Rodin Hamidi, Khosrow Hassanzadeh, Reza Hedayat, Peyman Houshmanzadeh, Abbas Kiarostami, Farideh Lashai, Reza Lavasani, Hossein Maher, Kouchna Navabi, Shirin Neshat, Fereydoun Omidi, Nasser Ovissi, Afshin Pirhashemi, Bijan Rafaty, Azadeh Razaghdoost, Arnaud Rivieren, Ghass Rouzkhosh, Iman Safai, Maryam Shirinlou, Parviz Tanavoli, Sadegh Tirafkan, and Marjan Vahid.

Click here ( to download the exhibition catalogue, which shows all the works of art, prices and biographical information about the artists.

Munis and Revolutionary Man by Shirin Neshat


HOPE and Omid-e-Mehr

HOPE is an exhibition at the Focus Art Gallery in Dubai which is organised by Maneli Keykavoussi and Isabelle van den Eynde in collaboration with the Omid-e-Mehr Foundation (Iran) and the Omid Foundation (United Kingdom). The Omid organisation was established by London based psychotherapist Marjaneh Halati in 2004. Its mission is to strengthen the social, emotional and economic competencies of disadvantaged young women in Iran. Omid's clients are young women, aged fifteen to twenty five, who have been abused, neglected or cast from their families. Through a holistic program of care, counselling, education, training and job placement, the lives of these young women are transformed.

All the works of art exhibited have been donated to Omid. One hundred percent of the sales proceeds will thus go to support Omid's programs and activities.

Despite their past difficulties, and the obstacles still facing them, Omid's young clients have dreams like all of us. They yearn to participate in life, and to make meaningful contributions to the world around them. Through this exhibition you have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of these young women.

Click here ( to access Omid's website in order to find out more about our programs and how you can get involved. Click here ( to download Omid's latest annual report.

From Zoorkhaneh series by Sadegh Tirafkan



Our special thanks go to the artists who so generously donated their works. But none of this would have been possible without the dedication, expertise and support of the large number of persons who dedicated themselves to this endeavour. We need to single out our appreciation for the contributions of Farhad Bakhtiar, Tessa de Caters, Farbod Dowlatshahi, Camelia Esmaili, Isabelle van den Eynde, Farhad Farjam, Mohammadreza Ghaem-Maghami, Hengameh Golestan, Maneli Keykavoussi, Nazanin Paykarara, Baha Sadat-Tehrani and Ralph Worthington. On behalf of all the girls in our care, a big thank you.

Untitled by Mohammad Ehsai

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 11am to 7pm.

RSVP for reception and sales enquiries or Maneli at +971 (50) 5745159.

Heech by Parviz Tanavoli


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