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WARNING to Iran's Opposition: Beware That An Event Is Unfolding!

Kaleme: Following the planned scenario for disgracing Imam Khomeini and accusing the Green movement and the students of this act, since yesterday official pro-Ahmadinejad media have started a heavy propaganda with a hidden agenda, and based on the information available it seems that they are preparing for some harsher crack downs of the opposition movement.

All supporters of the Green movement are strongly advised to be extremely vigilant and make sure to stay on top of the latest news.  Because of the extreme restrictions on informing people, Kaleme (Mousavi's official website) is advising other news media to warn their users about the necessity of being watchful!

Mir Hossein Mousavi calls insult to Khomeini a suspicious act

Mousavi's Facebook: Following the broadcast of the footage that showed the tearing of Imam Khomeini's picture on the state-run TV (pro-Ahmadinejad) and the accusations by pro-Ahmadinejad media that this was done by the protesting students on National Student Day, Mir Hossein Mousavi in an interview with "Islamic Republic" newspaper, while praising Imam Khomeini and saying that the Iranian people are in debt to Imam Khomeini and a fair person would never do such an insult to his picture said: "Those who respect me would never allow the slightest insult to Imam Khomeini and they always respect him. I am sure that the students would never do such a defying act."

He added: "I don't have the information if this event [actually] happened or not, additionally there is no clear information about those who committed this act, but if such an event really happened, it is a suspicious act and showing such an anti-revolutionary footage from the national TV was wrong. It would be expected from those foreign media who are hostile toward the Islamic Republic to take advantage of such event and broadcast the footage but showing this footage on the national TV that owes its very existence to the revolution that was won with the leadership of Imam Khomeini, is not acceptable at all.

Hassan Khomeini Denounces State TV

Hassan Khomeini (center) with Karroubi (left) and Khatami

Hassan Khomeini, grandson of the founder of Islamic Republic, has denounced state TV for broadcasting the images, describing them as "distorted."

Students Continue Protests, Condemn Insults to Khomeini as Regime Conspiracy

Following the brutal attack on the students on the National Students Day (Dec 7th) and in protest to the state TV for broadcasting the suspicious footage of tearing down of a picture of Imam Khomeini (during Student Day protests) and accusing the Green movement of doing that, the students of Tehran University held two protest gatherings on Saturday December 12.

Ayatollah Sanei: "The scale is the people's vote"

Tehran University students hold Khomein's photo (left) and Sanei's photo (right) at protests on Dec 12

Grand Ayatollah Sanei, criticized the broadcasting of the footage showing the tearing down of Imam Khomeini's picture on state-run TV (pro-Ahmadinejad) and said: When some reach a dead end, they don't even spear Imam Khomeini's dignity and take advantage of him for their own purpose. Oppressors set Imam Khomeini's picture on fire [themselves], then claim that the students did that; while the students support Imam Khomeini and are in debt to him, and if they are protesting [today] it is based on Imam Khomeini's quote that said "the scale is the people's vote"

Students at Tehran University Condemn State TV

The Islamic Association of Students of Tehran University by issuing a statement strongly condemned broadcasting of the "suspicious" footage showing the tearing down of Imam Khomeini's picture on state-run TV (pro-Ahmadinejad) and warned that relying on desecration of Imam Khomeini's dignity to create new crisis in the society is similar to the event when the enemies of Imam Ali (Shi'as first Imam) abused the dignity of Quran by holding Qurans up in the middle of the war for their own benefit and at the end as a result a group of extremist and foolish individuals took the power over the people.

Makhmalbaf warns of planned attacks against Mousavi and Rahnavard

Mohsen Makhmalbaf, prominent Iranian filmmaker, on his personal website said that: The credible information from inside Iran reveals that attack on Mir Hossein Mousavi and (his wife) Zahra Rahnavard had been planned (by the coup government). Makhamalbaf also indicated that: Religious groups have been told that there should be absolutely no religious mourning on the first 8 days of Moharam month (The anniversary of the day that Imam Hossein, Shia's third Imam, was martyred which has been mourned for the first 10 days of Moharam month for more than a thousand years) and the ceremonies should only be limited to 9th and 10th days of Moharam (Tasoa and Asora: the night before and the day in which Imam Hossein was martyred).

Nourizadeh: I Tore Khomeini's Picture

Kalame: Mohammad Nourizadeh, former editor of Keyhan newspaper, said: "I personally accept the responsibility for Imam Khomeini's picture having been tore down so that whatever is planned to happen this week and the next be unveiled now."

He sarcastically addressed the coup government and its agents and said: "I confess! I made a mistake. I was emotional. When I saw every one of you is tearing down a symbol of Imam Khomeini, I did something immature and tore down Imam Khomeini's picture. I witnessed that you tore down the nature of Revolutionary Guard and Basij and the dignity of Imam Khomeini, but I stopped only by tearing down his picture!

I witnessed that you are tearing down Imam Khomeini's road map which was and always remains honoring people and respecting every one of them, I tore down his picture. I witnessed that you tore down Imam's will in which he emphasized on prosperity and dignity for Iran and Iranians, my share was tearing down his picture!

 I saw Imam Khomeini's face that was smiling at your charade and I heard his voice that was shouting at you from a height that: All of you who are going mad because of my picture being torn down, on that day when my children were put in front of fire for peacefully protesting to the results of the election and their blood poured on the ground, why didn't you wear Kafan (the white cloth that Muslims are buried in) and didn't chant harsh and strong slogans for the insult to rationality, Islam and Khomeini's path?

You know what, I myself, Rohollah Mousavi Khomeni, told Mohammad Nourizadeh: Go and tear down my picture so that God, rationality, history and future witness the misery of a group of people who don't even have enough talent to create a simple lie. In a country that all of the intellectual, political, spiritual, social and cultural ideas of Imam are being disgraced by its government's officials, the tearing down of Imam Khomeini's picture is [frankly] showing respect to him!

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