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Photos: Darvish Khan's Stone Garden


Photos by Yaser Khadishi, ISNA


Darvish Khan (photo by Ahmad Nadalian) - Darvish Khan's Stone Garden is located about 45 kilometers from the city of Sirjan in Iran's Kerman province. The garden was created almost 4 decades ago by the late Darvish Khan Esfandiarpoor, a deaf and dumb gardener, upon losing his treasured garden. Darvish Khan lived in the garden, with his only son and 7 grandchildren, till his death.



Sirjan is a city in South of Iran, in Kerman Province. At 1730 m, it is situated in a depression between the southern Zagros mountains to the west and the Kuh-e Bidkhan massif to the east. It is well known for its pistachios and "geleem" rugs.

Kerman is one of the 30 provinces of Iran. It is in the south-east of the country. Its center is Kerman. The province of Kerman is the second largest province in Iran, 180,836 km sqr with a population of about 2 million.





A note on Darvish Khan and his garden
By Atousa Taghavi, April 2007

Last month when I visited Darvish khan and his stone garden in a village called Balvard, I was very excited to see him who was an old deaf-and-dumb shepherd and also his abstract artworks which were a sign of his great imagination.  His eagerness to show his works and explain about them-although to establish communication with him  was not easy- could interest any visitor. The trunks and branches of dry trees were the basis of his stone garden and on these trees; he used to connect different shapes of stones to any other objects or even dead animals he might find where he was living. He had a description for each of those decorated trees and by nodding -specially to the sky and then to his artworks- he was trying to share his thoughts and imaginations.
Unfortunately I heard of his death last week and decided to introduce him and his stone garden.

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Darvish Khan (photo by Atousa Taghavi)
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