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Sorrow and Regret in Iran Courtroom about Mistreatment of Judiciary Founder's Son



Dr. Alireza Beheshti, the top advisor to Iran's green opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi and the son of late Ayatollah Beheshti, one of the founders of the Islamic Republic, was seen waiting for a long time in the hallway of the Revolution Court. Beheshti had been brought from Evin prison to the court for interrogations wearing prison pajamas and slippers. He also had a long beard and a disheveled appearance.

Dr. Alireza Beheshti

What compounded the sorrow of the eyewitnesses about the appearance of Dr. Beheshti was the fact that the walls of the very same courtroom bear the pictures of his father the late Ayatollah Beheshti who was the founder of the judiciary system in Iran after the Islamic revolution.

Many family members of the political prisoners present in the court, some of the ordinary people, some senior staff and interrogators and even some judges of the Revolutionary Court who saw this, expressed deep sorrow and regret regarding the way Alireza Beheshti was being treated and the manner in which he was brought to the court.

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