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Iranian opposition leader under house arrest

02/10/11 Source: Radio Zamaneh

Islamic Republic security forces prevented Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi from receiving his family and visitors at home today, Saham News reported.

Mehdi Karroubi

Karrobui's son was prevented from entering his father's building and was informed that he can pay no further visits until February 14, the day on which Karroubi and fellow opposition leader, MirHosein Mousavi have called for a rally in support of the Arab uprisings.

Saham News reports that only Karroubi's wife will be allowed to leave or enter the house.

Karrobui has been very vocal in promoting the February 14 rally; in an interview with The New York Times two days ago, he said "a great demonstration" will be staged by the Green Movement if the government issues a rally permit.

Iranian opposition wants to hold a rally on February 14.
February 14 facebook page

Yesterday, however, Terhan's Revolutionary Guard commander Hossein Hamadani said, "The seditionists are a mere corpse, and we will confront any movement from them."

The Green Movement formed around protests against alleged fraud in the 2009 presidential election, and the establishment refers to its supporters as seditionists.

Hamadani accused the opposition of trying to undermine the traditional annual rally on February 11 by proposing a different date for their own march.

In emergency situations, Tehran's Revolutionary Guard is responsible for securing the capital. During the election protests of 2009, it played a key role in crushing street demonstrations.

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